Golden High Flow Squeeze Marker Set

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This set encourages loose, free expression and the fun that can be had with the ink-like consistency of High Flow Acrylic paints. Set includes one 4 oz. bottle each of hansa yellow medium, quinacridone magenta and pthalo blue green shade, a mop style marker and two screw-on nibs. The colors can be used straight from the bottle or mixed together for a full range of colors. The marker is a Smash Supreme Refillable Mop from Acee's Witches Brew. This unique applicator has a beveled neck for maximum flow, even on vertical surfaces. The screw-on nibs fit 4 oz. High Flow bottles, as well as 4 oz. and 8 oz. Fluid bottles. Also included in the set is a High Flow booklet, which includes an introduction to the High Flow Acrylic line and a color chart.