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Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor

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Available in 108 luminous colours and used by artists such as Turner and Sargent, Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour is formulated using only the purest pigments to ensure performance and permanence.

Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour continues to be formulated according to their founding principles; to create unparalleled colours which offer artists the widest and most balanced choice of pigments, as it was in 1835 when William Winsor and Henry Newton introduced the first moist watercolours to the world.  

We use only the finest pigments to ensure you’re guaranteed brilliance, permanence, and strength of colour in your work. With 79 single pigment colours, we offer the widest range of modern and traditional pigments.  

Formulated using the highest quality production methods to achieve optimal pigment dispersion, meaning every wash will remain vibrant and luminescent. 

96% of the colours in our Professional Watercolour range are 'permanent for artists' use' meaning the colours used today will appear the same for generations to come.