Sennelier French Artists' Iridescent Watercolor Sets Pastel & Metallics

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Sennelier French Artists' Iridescent Watercolors offer the same brilliance and luminosity as the original colors in an eye-catching iridescent palette. Made using the finest pigments, Kordofan Arabic Gum, and honey, these watercolors are evenly enhanced with glitter for a striking iridescent effect. Used directly from the tube (without dilution) the color is very opaque; diluted with water it yields transparent effects. The honey also acts as a preservative to extend longevity.

The 6-Color Pastels & Metallics Set contains one 10ml tube each of Iridescent Gold, Iridescent Silver, Iridescent Copper, Iridescent Light Blue, Iridescent Yellow Green and Iridescent Light Purple.