Kuretake Zig

Zig Cleancolor Brushpen Sets


The real brush tips on these markers are ideal for illustrating and sketching on paper. They also work great for creating both narrow and wide lines. The plentiful grays are ideal for cartooning. The water-based dye is odorless and xylene-free. Conforms to ASTM-D4236 standards.

The 4-Color Pop Set includes cobalt blue, lemon yellow, light green and pink.

The 4-Color Pure Set includes blue, carmine red, green and yellow.

The 6-Color Set includes black, bright yellow, carmine red, green, Persian blue and purple.

The 12-Color Set includes black, blue, brown, carmine red, cobalt blue, green, light gray, light green, light violet, orange, pink and yellow.

The 24-Color Set features the full range of listed above plus light pink, Persian blue, olive green, deep green, pale green, bright yellow, dark brown, flesh color, beige, violet, gray and blue gray.