Tombow Dual Brush Pen Sets



These ever-popular double-headed, flexible nylon fiber brush pens have a single ink reservoir and two tips -one brush tip and one fine tip. The water-based ink is acid-free, non-toxic and blendable, allowing for an endless palette of colors. These 10-pen, 9-color sets each include a blender pen and are available in the following collections:

Primary: process yellow, pink rose, scarlet, sap green, cyan, imperial purple, brown, black, blender and crimson

Secondary: dark olive, dark plum, Chinese red, orange, saddle brown, dark jade, reflex blue, blender and chrome orange

Portrait: peach, flesh, baby pink, blush, pale cherry, blender, tan, black and chocolate

Brights: blender, chartreuse, hot pink, imperial purple, orange, process yellow, purple, reflex blue, rubine red and willow green

Landscape: light sand, burnt sienna, redwood, warm gray 5, gray green, hunter green, blender, navy blue, lamp black and true blue 

Grayscale: black, lamp black, blender, cool gray 7, cool gray 10, cool gray 6, cool gray 5, cool gray 1 and two cool gray 3

Muted Tones: black, blender, burnt sienna, chocolate, cool gray 12, dark plum, hunter green, navy blue, wine red and yellow gold

Pastel: blender, asparagus, carnation, coral, glacier blue, mist purple, pale yellow, mint, purple sage and orchid

Galaxy: blender, lamp black, cool gray 7, green, ultramarine, mint, turquoise, royal purple, rubine red and rhodamine red

Tropical: Chartruese, Alice Blue, Bright Blue, Jade Green, Tiki Teal, Mauve, Pink Punch,  Chinese Red, Deep Magenta