Masterpiece Vintage Oil Primed Linen

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Currently we only ship specific sizes of canvas and panels. If you are looking for a size not listed or harder to find large sizes, please contact our nearest location. Our instore selection is broader than online.

7/8in Deep

This canvas features a 7/8" profile with a 5/16" lip that keeps the canvas positioned high above the bars to prevent lines and indentations. The key-able cross bracing on canvas sizes 16" x 16" and up offer additional strength, stability and warp resistance. Vintage Linen is a hand primed Belgian Linen Canvas, with a smooth yet absorbent surface that weighs roughly 13 oz. after priming. The oil-based primer is designed for use exclusively with oil and alkyd paints, and creates increased depth and dimension to paintings by allowing the pigments to sink into the ground. Linen is the strongest natural fiber in the world and provides a unique surface texture. Stretched using MasterWrap technology, this canvas offers a drum-tight, archival surface that can be further adjusted using the pre-installed corner and brace keys. Folded corners and extra canvas selvage allow for re-stretching, and the clean staple free edges are per great for display without a frame. The solid, finger-joint free, kiln-dried bars are milled with lumber harvested from sustainable forests in Oregon and California.