Derwent Drawing Colored Pencil Sets


Great for nature studies, landscapes, seascapes and wildlife drawing, plus traditional portraits in the styles of the old masters. These traditional round artists pencils come in a range of intense colors. The soft and creamy texture of the extra-thick color lead allows blending to achieve a variety of colors and tones. The easy-to-apply waxy consistency produces a smooth velvety finish on paper, and the extra wide 5mm color strip is ideal for blending.

The 6-Color set includes: brown ochre, sepia (red), sanguine, chocolate, ivory black and Chinese white.

The 12-Color set includes: solway blue, ink blue, green shadow, olive Earth, brown ochre, yellow ochre, sepia (red), sanguine, ruby Earth, chocolate, ivory black and Chinese white.

The 24-Color set includes: light sienna, solway blue, ink blue, smoke blue, pale cedar, green shadow, crag green, olive Earth, warm Earth, brown ochre, wheat, yellow ochre, sepia (red), Mars orange, sanguine, Venetian red, terracotta, Mars violet, ruby Earth, chocolate, ivory black, warm gray, cool gray and Chinese white.