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M. Graham Landscape Watercolor Set

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Why Honey?

M. Graham & Co. Watercolors are handmade with pure blackberry honey, gum arabic, glycerine, and the most lightfast pigments available. Each color is individually crafted to develop its own unique character. Colors made with honey do not dry up in the tube or on the palette, and always dilute easily, often after months or years of disuse.

• Brilliant, lightfast colors
• Highly pigmented formulations
• Beautiful, even washes with no hard outlines
• Hand-made colors, manufactured in small batches

From Montana to Maine, the Landscape set is the plein air artist's choice. Five color set includes: Big Sky (cerulean blue), Foliage Green (sap green), Tree Bark Brown (burnt umber), Afternoon Shadow (dioxazine purple) and Sunrise Yellow (yellow ochre). Alive with strength and intensity, M. Graham watercolors are a blend of pigment, pure gum arabic and natural blackberry honey.