Angelus 12 Color Acrylic Leather Paint Sets



This leather paint is ideal for painting boots, jackets, athletic shoes, purses and more. When properly applied it will not crack, peel, fade or rub off. The paint is non-toxic and water-based for easy clean up. These are easy to use and can be blended together for countless custom colors even the metallics can be blended with standard colors! It can be applied with a brush, sponge or airbrush (some thinning may be required for airbrush application).

The Metallic/Pearlescent kit contains one 1 oz. bottle each of Gold, Copper, Bronze, Pewter, Silver, Riot Red, Pacific Blue, Prince Purple, 18k gold, Sterling Silver, Rose Gold and Emerald Green.

The NEON kit contains includes one 1 oz. bottle each of Rio Red, Tahitian Pink, Jamaican Joy, Parisian Pink, Paradise Purple, Amazon Green, Popsicle green, Tropic Sun Yellow, Sunset Yellow, Flaming Orange, Lava Orange and Bahama Blue.