Golden Heavy Body Interference Colors

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  • 2oz Tubes
The property at work in the Interference Colors is known as light interference, most commonly seen in the rainbow effect created by a thin layer of oil on the surface of water.

Interference Colors offer a unique “ interference flip” when viewed from different perspectives. They flip between a bright opalescent color and it’ s opalescent complement when applied over white surfaces. Over darker surfaces, the bright opalescent color is very noticeable, but the effect is not evident. Combine with Gloss Gels and Fluid Acrylics for an endless variety of colors and effects.

Whenever light strikes a boundary between two materials of different densities, the light will either be reflected or refracted. If the refracted light encounters yet another boundary between materials of different densities, this light will again either be reflected or refracted.

Golden Interference Colors Technical Info

Layering and Mixing with Iridescent and Interference Acrylic Paints