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SRJC Art 7A/7B C. Cotts Class Kit Fall 2021

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The SRJC Art 7A/7B C. Cotts Class Kit Fall 2021 includes the following items:

1 x Large box of vine or willow charcoal soft
3 x Sticks soft vine JUMBO vine or willow charcoal
1 x Conte compressed charcoal stick HB 
1 x Alphacolor Brand “Char-Kole” 3 pack 
1 x Derwent Graphic Pencil 2H 
1 x Derwent Graphic Pencil 4B 
1 x Ticonderoga Pencil #2 (HB)
1 x Ebony pencil

1 x Lyra woodless graphite stick/crayon 9B
1 x Pentel Hi Polymer eraser 10/pk
1 x Conte crayon matchbox set one black, one white, one sanguine, one bistre 
1 x General brand charcoal pencil HB
1 x White charcoal pencil -General brand
1 x Large kneaded eraser 
1 x Magic rub eraser 
1 x Chamois 4.5X6.5 
1 x Blue painter’s tape 1” 
1 x Generals little red pencil sharpener 
1 x Strathmore 9x12 sketchbook 
1 x Newsprint pad - rough - 18" x 24"

1 x Strathmore drawing pad 18" x 24" 
1 x Higgins black India ink 
1 x Yasutomo sumi brush 1-1/8”
1 x Yasutomo sumi brush 2-1/8” 
1 x Speedball pen holder

1 x Speedball drawing nib IMPERIAL
1 x Artist Tote Board w/Clip 23x26 
1 x Portfolio 

*all kits are sold as is. Kits are only refundable if returned complete with all items unused and in resellable condition. Individual products from a kit cannot be returned.

Rileystreet is not affiliated with the Santa Rosa Junior College.  We have put this kit together at the request of the instructor as an easy and affordable way for students to participate and complete the course.