Raymar Double Oil Primed Belgian Linen Panels



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The RayMar Panel is a professional quality painting panel. We mount our linens on 1/8 inch MDF through a commercial process with a pH neutral adhesive to bind the fabric and panel in a uniform way. Next, we cover the reverse side of the panel with a gray melamine finish. This creates an acid-free archival art board that resists warping and provides a permanent barrier against deterioration from moisture or mold. This process creates an affordable, museum-quality painting board for artists.

Our double primed linen texture is Claessens #15 100% Belgian oil-primed linen exclusively for oil paint. It is sized with two layers of zinc white primer bound with linseed oil and one top coating of titanium white oil paint. Ideal for the artist who seeks an ultra smooth surface. The medium texture, medium weight linen is a favorite of professional artists for its irregular weave and 0% absorbency. It is suitable for portrait, landscape and modern work with brush or palette knife application.