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Abstract Composition


Abstract Composition

 4 Thursdays: May 10, 17, 24 and 31
2:00 - 4:00pm
$250 for four consecutive classes. Drop in's welcome. $70.00 per class for drop in students.

This is part a four part series on abstract painting technique
In these workshops you'll learn the fundamental painting principles of abstract composition, color and texture.
You can join in at any time for ongoing support whether you're just starting out, advanced or anywhere in between. Andrea will provide guidance around composition, sharing knowledge about materials and techniques so you can have the resources to express yourself as you choose and feel proud of the outcome.

During the class, there will be demonstrations, one on one instruction, and an invitation to work on a series of small paintings on wood panels, often working on several pieces simultaneously, leaving little time to worry about success or failure.
Techniques covered will include:
  • Finding your inspiration and personal vocabulary
  • Understanding what makes an abstract composition work
  • Creating gorgeous colors that make your image sing
  • Collage techniques that enhance both texture and composition
  • Working with brushes and palate knives for texture variation
  • Mark making
Andrea's basic premise and philosophy for any art class she teaches is that:
Painting and creativity are as accessible to you as being able to laugh. Your soul loves doing it. The question of do I have talent or not, that huge elephant in so many people's minds, is not only a non-issue, but just an annoying misconception that gets in the way. So Andrea encourages you to not pay attention to it, and instead just jump right in and start making art.
The key to artistic creativity is ACTION. Creativity starts when you do it, and creative flow comes from being in motion. You don't need an exceptional idea to begin a painting, you just need to start where you are.
Making abstract art is all about improvisation, and the exhilarating process of calling and responding to what you're doing as you along. You'll learn to navigate the unknown with joy and confidence as you understand how shapes play against one another, and how colors harmonize. The demonstrations and practice will be about making abstract art with water based acrylic paint.
All levels are welcome and will find themselves inspired!
To register for this class, please contact Andrea at wedellandrea@gmail.com or (415) 259 1255

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