A Day to Create 2016 - Santa Rosa



coloring book with brushesPepin Colouring Books

Presenter: Mary Shirey

Pepin Artists' Colouring books are all printed with exceptional designs and fashions from around the world. Each book contains sixteen sheets of superior drawing paper, all acid free. The styles and designs included in the colouring books are printed with very light lines to act as an easy guide that lets your art show through. Mary will be here on behalf of Pepin Press to show off these beautiful coloring books alongside some of the lovely products from Caran d'ache. You will be able to get involved and color your very own post card!

OILSWinsor & Newton

Presenter: Kristin Brown

Winsor & Newton uses only the purest of pigments in the manufacturing of its Artists' Oil Color line, ensuring the cleanest, brightest colors, which in turn produce the best color mixtures. Kristin will be here to celebrate our 48th year anniversary by showing everyone why this time-tested, artist approved colors and mediums are still some of the top selling artist products around! In addition to hosting a fun table-top demonstration, Kristin will be giving a very informative in-store demonstration that will give you a closer look at the Winsor & Newton Watercolors. Kristin will walk you through some of the great qualities of this paint in comparison to it's competitors, as well as talk about the new line of watercolor markers.

Williamsburg Oil ColorsWilliamsburg paint

Presenter: Seth Golden

Williamsburg Handmade Oils are crafted by skilled American artisans using top-quality pigments from around the world. Each of the more than 140 colors in the line possesses a unique consistency and texture — some are slightly gritty, while others are extremely smooth. This is what makes Williamsburg Handmade Oils so unique and prized by the painters who choose them. Seth Golden from Golden Paints will be demonstrating this popular line. You will be able to sample the paints yourself and discover exactly what sets these paints apart from the other oil paints on the market.


Natural Pigments

Presenters: George, Tatiana and Anton O'Hanlon

We will have George, Tania and Anton O'Hanlon, owners and creators of Natural Pigments will be here to present their very unique oil line. Natural pigments is the manufacturer of Rublev Artists' Oil Color and the new Ceracolor and is a local company based in Willits, California. They specialize in manufacturing rare and hard-to-find materials for fine artists and decorators. Specializing in supplying artists' materials that were used in historical painting since prehistoric times up to and including the nineteenth century.Constantly search for materials and products of the finest quality so that we can bring them direct to you from the source. To do so, they travel the world to find materials specifically for use by professional artists and decorators. They obtain minerals from mines in Afghanistan, Chile, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, to name a few places, processing these into natural pigments.Their mission is to provide the largest variety of natural pigments, paints and other professional artists' supplies, enabling us to bring you a selection that makes shopping for rare and hard-to-find art materials easy.

goldenGolden Acrylics

Presenters: Tesia Blackburn & Seth Golden

Golden Acrylics have been, and have remained one of our best selling acrylic brands and with good reason. GOLDEN Artist Colors' products are professional quality art materials that are continuously extending creative opportunities for artists and strengthening industry standards. The GOLDEN acrylic system is unique in the ways in which the materials can be used in concert and in combination, making blending and application opportunities endless. These exciting and often unexpected results feed the imaginations of artists across the globe, leading to breakthroughs in painting and art making and supporting a process of continuous discovery that then catalyzes new product development. Tesia Blackburn and Seth Golden will be joining us for this fun and highly interactive table-top demonstration. You will be able to sample the GOLDEN acrylic paints, including the High Flow!

033Strathmore Papers

Presenters: Kari Foteff

Kari will be here from Strathmore papers to show off a few new products. She will be introducing the black canvas paper and their new line of instructional drawing tablets for beginners! The Learn to Draw books are a learning Series is a combination of step-by-step instruction with quality drawing paper - all in one pad. This Learn to Draw Cartoons pad features instruction from popular author and artist, Christopher Hart.

mitchellSchminke Pastels

Presenter: Clark Mitchell

Stop by and talk to a local favorite as he creates his beautiful artwork with Schminke Soft Pastels. Unmatched in their softness and consistency, Schmincke soft pastels were created using the finest artist's pigments limited binders. These pastels glide across the surface due to their softness and buttery application making it incredibly easy to get the exact stroke you need for your piece. Clark will be here working away and discussing why these pastels are some of the best on the market as they have an extremely high pigment concentration which leaves your piece with fantastic results with great color intensity.

SONY DSCSennelier Colors

Presenters: Andrew Cook

This shellac-based ink is one of the newest additions to our inventory. These inks are waterproof, and dry to a sateen finish. It is great for both watercolor illustration and calligraphy. Andrew Cook from Savoir Fair will demonstrate how the colors are blendable and can be reduced with a shellac-based thinner for various techniques. They have a high degree of water resistance without being indelible which is why they are a favorite among professional artists.

09_michaelhardingMichael Harding Oil Colors

Presenter: Brad Brenner

Michael Harding Oils are all made by hand, using techniques which date back to the days of the Old Masters. There is a very simple reason for this painstaking process. As an artist and painter Michael wanted to create colours that were true and vibrant, and paint which was beautiful and durable. The greater the pigment content of a paint the greater the resistance it has to fading. Nearly all manufacturers use various fillers to extend the volume of the oil paint. It may increase profits but it compromises on quality. Come and give these wonderful paints a try! We know you will be blown away.

imagesOld Holland Oil Colors

Presenter: Brad Brenner

Since the early days of oils, artists have made high demands regarding the durability of their work. In order to meet these demands for optimum durability, Old Holland still produces all its classic oil paints according to traditional formulas (the durability of which has been demonstrated over the course of time), supplemented by the latest contemporary insights. The choice of pigments is a unique mix of the best traditional colors and the best pigments derived from the latest technological developments.

holbein-logoHolbein Colors

Presenter: Doug Mooney

Holbein is a family owned Japanese Company with head offices in Osaka Japan. The company was formed just before the turn of the last century, and took the name of the much revered European artist Hans Holbein in the 1930's. Holbein is unique in the art material trade because they do not produce any entry level/student quality color products. Each of the artists' grade color lines are adapted to meet the special requirements of the professional/serious artists with permanence, brilliance, and technique in mind. Indeed, the full range of Holbein color products offer unique characteristics which set them apart from all competitive lines regardless of origin. Stop by and check out the color intensity of these wonderful watercolor and oil paints! We know you will be amazed!

maxresdefaultR&F Encaustics

Presenter: Cari Hernandez

This year marks the 25th anniversary of R&F Handmade Paints. What began as a painter’s solo endeavor has evolved into a multi-faceted paint company that is material-focused and artist-driven. R&F’s Founder Richard Frumess began making encaustic paint as a painter simply to support his own artistic practice and to ensure that ready-made encaustic was kept in production at a time when there were no commercial manufacturers. During the first year Richard produced encaustic paint as R&F Encaustics. While he struggled to start-up the business, asking pigment suppliers for double samples and also working a second job, the seed was firmly planted. Twenty five years later, R&F is the leading brand of encaustic paints on the market, and there is a good reason why. Their durability, color intensity, and color variety makes them loved by encaustic artists. We invite you to stop by and try them!

0106-AutumnSunsetYupo Paper

Presenter: Annie Murphy Springer

Do you have a project that needs a beautiful, smooth, bright white waterproof paper? Or do you have a project that has to be childproof, i.e. it can’t be torn and can be wiped clean? It’s time for you to “do it on YUPO!” This is a wonderfully diverse paper that was originally intended for sign and billboard makers that has mutated into a wonderland of opportunities for artists. Annie Murphy Springer, local watercolor artist has been working on this interesting substrate for several years now, and she swears by it! She is able to get very fluid lines and movement from her watercolors that she would not normally be able to achieve due to the absorbency or rag paper.

masterpiece-canvas-002Masterpiece Canvas

Presenter: Doug Mooney

Masterpiece Canavas is well known for their use of the best quality cotton and linen available for our pre-stretched canvases. They are primed and sized with an acid-free, ph-balanced acrylic titanium gesso to endure archival grade canvas. Their acrylic and oil based primed surfaces are excellent to paint on and work perfectly with oil and acrylic paints. With a variety of weights, surfaces and textures, it is no wonder why Masterpiece has remained a strong competitor in the art materials industry! We encourage you to come and take a peek at some of the wonderful options Masterpiece has to offer to make your Masterpieces that much more successful.

ffd9dc3b293a8fc16fd345f91f2e416eEscoda Brushes

Presenter: Doug Mooney

In a small town outside of Barcelona in the fall of 1933, Josep Escoda Roig (1902-1982) envisioned and created a brush factory to produce artist brushes for decorative and fine art. It would be the first of its kind in Spain and despite a Civil War and difficulty in obtaining raw materials, the company developed and grew. Today, the company has produced nearly 75 million brushes with close to a million brushes being produced each year. Josep Escoda’s vision and passion for producing the best brushes in the world continues to this day with his sons Josep Jr. and Ricard. It is is now a 3rd generation company with sons and daughters of both brothers following in their grandfather’s footsteps. The quality of these brushes is astounding! With special patented methods of creating and crimping their one of a kind, hand made brushes, the result is a brush that lasts a lifetime with proper care, that has a natural spring for superb control, and that has become a invaluable tool to painters in all media.

plein airCanson Paper

Presenter: Scott Bates

Since 1557, the Canson paper mill in Annonay, France has produced the finest art papers available. The Canson tradition was started by the Montgolfier family (best known for the adaptation of their paper to the 1783 invention of the first hot air balloon) and carried on by the Canson family. Though industrialization has modernized the way certain papers are produced, much of the process and many of the features remain the same today. Pure French stream water, natural fibers and five centuries of experience contribute to the manufacture of the highest quality papers in the world. Scott Bates will be here to show off and demonstrate a large array of the Papers that Canson is well known for. From Dry Media to Mixed and Wet Media, Canson Papers have a solution to almost any paper-based art dilemma.


Presenter: Rik Olson & John Mark Eastman

When we artists hear the brand name “Speedball,” we think of a variety of products from the house hold pen, to screen printing inks to even gilding supplies. With a colorful history, this company has produced a lot of amazing products, but one of our favorites is their line of block printing supplies. From their cutters, to the linoleum blocks and inks, we have seen some amazing pieces of artwork created with these Speedball tools. Locally known artist, Rik Olson, who is well recognized by his block prints and wood cuts, will be here to demonstrate the effectiveness of these tools when making a beautiful linoleum cut.

2311pFaber Castell

Presenter: Doug Mooney

Throughout the years, Faber Castell has offered innovative artist materials to their customers, and while there are so many products to choose from to host at our event, this year we have chosen something on the lighter side of things... something for the young, and young at heart. This year Faber Castell will be working with an array of products from their children's materials lines. Their products are some of the most colorful tools on the Market. From Beeswax crayons, colored pencils, watercolors and more! We invite you to stop by this booth and loosen up a bit by just having some fun!

Thoele_Project copyArt Alternatives

Presenter: Catherine Thoele

With a huge array of materials to choose from, Art Alternatives is dedicated to providing their customers with affordable, quality art supplies. For everyday essentials, they’re the smart alternatives to high-priced name brands. Catherine will be here demonstrating on behalf of Art Alternatives, and celebrating our anniversary with a fun array of hands on activities! From sculpting to adornment with Jacquard's Pearlex pigments!

static1.squarespace.comDaniel Smith

Presenter: Kathryn Taylor

In 1976, while working as a commercial printer, Daniel Smith realized that commercial printing inks were insufficient for the needs of the print artist. Scraping enough money together to purchase on old 3-roll mill, Dan began manufacturing a more specialized ink with the lightfastness and working characteristics artists desired. Over the years, as Dan's partnership with artists grew, so grew the business. Today, Daniel Smith Artists' Materials is a leading designer and manufacturer of thousands of art products, substrates and unique items found nowhere else. Our commitment to partnering with artists continues, as does our desire to never stop thinking like one. His watercolors remain some of the most recommended, and one of the best selling lines in our stores. With a unique palette, and a vibrant selection of Quinacridone colors, it is no wonder that people love these colors. Come try them out for yourself.


Presenter: Karen Parsons

With a huge variety of beautiful materials and tools to chose from with an Eastern flair, Yasutomo has made origami more exciting, fabric painting more fun, and given ink painting more of a SPLASH! Karen Parsons will be here on behalf of Yasutomo to demonstrate Niji’s new metallic Sumi Ink!

my-new-sharpie-pensSharpie Pens

Presenter: Ann Marie Torres

Today, Sharpie stands for far more than just markers. It’s the brand that stands up for self-expression. Letting you be heard, putting you at the center of your world, helping you express all the ideas, feelings, moods, and memories you have with absolute conviction and absolute passion—that’s what Sharpie’s all about! With the introduction of products like Liquid Pencil, Gel Highlighter, and Stained by Sharpie, Sharpie continues coming up with innovative ways for you to uncap what’s inside. Mike Tobin will be here representing Sharpie. You will be able to explore the variety of materials that they have to offer and get a bit of hands on playtime at this dynamic and fun table!


Presenter: Steve Rosney

For nearly 70 years, Pentel has supplied the world with the highest quality products. Pentel is the only writing instrument company to receive the Deming Award for recognition of the highest standard of quality. Pentel invented roller ball technology...the smoothest way to express ideas. Pentel pioneered graphite lead and our Super Hi-Polymer Lead is the market leader. Their mechanical pencil inventions remain the hallmark of the industry. Steve Rossney will be her on behalf of Pentel to show all passers by some of the wonderful artist grade pens and drawing supplies that cater to the needs of almost any artist. Whether for sketching out compositions, rendering a pen and ink drawing, or adding a finishing touch to an illustration, Pentel is likely to have a tool to suit the job.

20150627_152718-1_resized (3)Snazaroo Face Paint

Presenter: Stacey Ringseth

Enter a world of color, fun and inspiration and, of course, the finest face painting products. Everything you need to create fantastic characters and designs is right here....Stacey Ringseth from “Color Me Cutie” will be back for her second year with Rileystreet and we are thrilled to have her. She will be demonstrating the Snazaroo Face Paints by doing what she does best… putting smiles on our customers faces… as well as a little bit of face paint! Be sure to stop by her table to say hello and have your face painted.

MGraham-acrylic-paint_MuseArtandDesignM. Graham Watercolors

Presenter: Ken Cavanaugh

M. Graham was founded 22 years ago by a couple of artists who shared a passion for quality artist supplies. Since then, the M. Graham family has remained dedicated to providing the finest color available by milling our paint in small batches. As an essential ingredient in their watercolor binding medium, honey contributes to moistness for smooth, easily controlled applications, increased pigment concentrations and freedom from reliance on preservatives. Because of the honey medium, our color resists hardening on the palette, or in the tube. It dilutes easily, often after months of disuse.

MadC_Molotow_006Molotow Markers

Presenter: Steve Rossney

Molotow acrylic based paint markers create their most incredible work when used for calligraphy, illustration, graphic art and street art purposes. The entire line of Molitow acrylic paint markers are refillable, have interchangeable tips and are available in an array of different Molotow ink cocktails and colors. Molotow acrylic paint markers were immediately one of our best-selling paint markers after their introduction into our store last year. Steve Rossney will have a line-up of surfaces and Molitow Markers for customers to try first hand. You will see exactly why these markers are superior in their color laydown and permanency.

aquabee paper samplesBee Papers

Presenter: Ken Cavanaugh

Bee Paper Company is committed to providing the best quality papers for the aspiring and professional artist. The unique qualities inherit to the paper allow extreme versatility. Bee Paper is able to offer artists a wide variety of papers to meet nearly any form of medium. From sketching to detailed pen work, all the way to heavy watercolor washes and oil paints, Bee Paper carefully crafts papers for all sorts of creativity and uses. Nearly all Bee Paper products are milled within the United States. Top quality levels are vital, always created to cater to the fine artist, never for mass production. Stop by and sample the large variety of papers that the Bee Paper Company has to offer for a wide range of media.


Presenter: Ann Marie Torres

One of the leading brands in the world of colored pencils and art markers has always been Prismacolor. With their large variety of colors and with a smooth laydown of both the colored pencil and marker, it is no wonder that they have remained at the top for 75 years now. Ann Marie Torrez will be here on behalf of Prismacolor to show off exactly what can be done with these essential tools of the trade. Since graduating from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, Anne has had a number of personal art shows, worked as a sucessful freelance artist, and has made her chosen medium colored pencil. More specifically, Prismacolor colored pencils. She will have and open supply of pencils to sample as well as the art markers (including the brush tip) to sample.

Untitled-1 copyMTN Sprays

Presenter: Jared Powell

Founded 1994 by a group of paints industry innovators from Barcelona Spain, began the path to create a company by doing what their successors at Montana Colors S.L. still do, listen to their customers. The feedback they received was that brand after brand of aerosol paints lacked consistency, color range, and difficultly in its control. Their answer was to create a product specific with these key issues in mind. With these thoughts in mind, MTN Colors has created a line of spray colors that has taken over the Street Art Industry. Their colors are adored by our customers and sought after by those customers looking for specific laydowns, pressures and effects that they seem not to be able to achieve with other sprays. Local art celebrity Jared Powell will be here to demonstrate just why he loves these paints, and why they are the preferred paints among spray artists.

liquitex-professional-paint-markersLiquitex Acrylics

Presenter: Steve Gallisdorfer

As the first water-based acrylic paint line to hit the shelf in 1955, today, Liquitex offers the largest array of vibrant acrylic paints, mediums and tools to enable acrylic artists to continually explore their art and take it to new and unprecedented boundaries. Join us and explore the wide variety of applications, from the heavy bodied acrylic paint that we know and love to the acrylic sprays and markers- we guarantee you will discover a new application for your own work at home.

coloringbookC&T Publishing

Presenter:Mary Wruck

Since its founding in 1983, C&T Publishing has become the industry leader for providing exceptional books and products to the quilting, paper craft, and fiber art markets throughout the United States and internationally. Mary Wruck will be here to demonstrate a fun project taken straight from a book that she has co-authored, "The Wonderful Colorful Wonder Wheel of Color."

Ampersand PanelsAmpersand

Presenter: John Mark Eastman

When you first try an Ampersand panel, you will soon discover that your color is more luminous and that you have more control over your brush work and fine details. Ampersand’s flawlessly prepared rigid surfaces allow painting from edge to edge, eliminating the unsightly stretcher bar impressions or the trampoline effect of ordinary canvasses. We invite you to stop by the ampersand table and check out the variety of surfaces Ampersand has made available for quite an array of mediums. Check out Ampersand’s Reserved seat seminar for more in depth information about these alternative substrates.

PINATAJacquard Pinata Inks

Presenter: Alex Preston

As with every anniversary sale, we are hosting a few new product lines. Jacquard had this one for a while, but its new to Rileystreet. Due to such a booming outcry from our customers, we are proud to announce that we now are carrying the Piñata Inks. These inks are beautiful, highly saturated, acid-free, transparent Alcohol-based inks. They are moisture resistant when dry, Piñata Colors work well on practically any clean surface, from glass to plastic, polymer clay to metal which is what makes them so desirable for a mixed media artist. We invite you to come and play with the lovely inks

Grumbacher Pre-Test Oil Paintsimages

Presenter: Steve Rossney

Tested and approved by professionals, for professionals, Grumbacher Pre-Tested Professional Oils have been one of America's favorite oil paints since 1905. Recently reformulated, the line now includes stronger, purer cadmiums and exciting contemporary colors. Grumbacher Pre-Tested Oils are made with the finest pure pigments milled in select alkali-refined linseed oil (with the exception of two whites described below). All 90 colors are highly pigmented, with tinting strength equal to or better than the leading professional brands. Pre-Tested Oils offer high chroma, superior tinting strength, excellent adhesion, outstanding working properties, the utmost lightfastness, and archival permanence.

carandacheCaran d'Ache

Presenter: Mary Shirey

A unique writing experience, the Krink K-66 Paint Marker features high-quality opaque ink and a unique steel ball tip that is super durable and performs well on light or dark surfaces, including metal, canvas, painted surfaces, wood, glass, plastic, and paper.

Slide1_FeatureBlack Ink Papers

Presenter: Peter Overpeck

Here is a fun and stunningly beautiful edition to the multimedia artist's palette... decorative paper! From collage to decoupage these papers undoubtedly have something that will appeal to every customer. Peter Overpeck from Black Ink will be working with Kari Foteff from Strathmore paper to create beautiful make and take greeting cards right there at their tables! We encourrage you to stop by and take a peek at some of these beautiful papers and discover some of the fun and creative possibilities!

dansmithwsoilsF&W Acrylic Inks

Presenter: Charlotte Hampton

FW Artists Ink is an acrylic-based, pigmented, water-resistant ink in a range of 38 colors, all of which have either a three-star or four-star rating for permanence. Such a high degree of lightfastness over such a range of fully intermixable colors makes them ideal for use by artists in the production of pictures for permanent display. (Note – Fluorescent colors are not lightfast.) Colors can be substantially diluted to achieve the most subtle of tones, very similar in character to watercolor. Such washes will dry to a water-resistant film and successive layers of color can be laid over them in a highly predicable manner. We invite you to come and play with these wonderful inks. Charlotte will walk you through how to create beautiful and simple marbled pieces of artwork in minutes with just a tooth pick and the FW Acrylics Inks.

polytipPrinceton Brush

Presenter: Michael Hammer

Princeton Catalyst Polytip Bristle Brushes are another Princeton breakthrough that advances the science of synthetic hair. For the first time, the tip of each individual hair has been split to replicate the natural flags on the finest natural bristle. By giving each individual hair two to three distinct tips, Polytip bristles are able to hold a higher volume of paint while providing smoother application. These brushes are super stiff yet still extremely responsive. Designed for use with medium to heavy body acrylics (as well as oil paints), Catalyst Brushes push even heavy gel mediums with assurance. And unlike natural hog bristle, which can be rendered useless when water-soaked, Catalyst Brushes have real integrity in Michael Hammer will be here from Princeton Brush, to show off this wonderful brush line. With the endurance of these bristles this line has quickly become a customer favorite and we are excited to share these brushes with everyone!

ivo_john_kaye_kiss_queensland_mtn_2MTN Waterbased Spray

Presenter: Lynn Sauter

This is one of the newer spray paint lines that we've adopted in our stores. This is a low odor, resin based, water soluble spray paint. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use since they are water resistant once dry. Lynn Sauter from SLS will be here to demonstrate just how versatile and easy this paint is to use. With very little odor it is ideal for the artist who works on a large substrate that needs to cover a large area with paint quickly. This paint is also unique in that you can work into it with a brush and water while it is still fresh, giving the artist a fun transition from transparent to opaque.


Presenter: Michael McGinnis

After almost 20 years, local Santa Rosa Junior College instructor, Michael McGinnis, met the inventors at KID Group, one of the premier inventing houses in the toy industry. They collaborated on the design to make it more suitable for consumers. It was finally ready. The original product was marketed as Superplexus. Through many twists and turns in the toy industry, Superplexus got tangled up in some changes and ended up being shelved just as it was getting started. But that isn’t the end of the story… In 2008, a group of enthusiasts contacted KID Group about licensing Superplexus. Perplexus, LLC acquired the rights to Superplexus and launched PERPLEXUS in its current form.

Qor WatercoloursQOR Watercolors

Presenter: Seth Golden

Stop by at this table to check out these wonderfully vibrant watercolor QOR. QoR retains the best qualities of traditional watercolors while expanding the range and versatility of each color. QoR's exclusive binder provides more pigment in every brushstroke, offering a strength, range and versatility unmatched in the history of watercolors. The unique QoR formulation accentuates the luminosity and brilliance of pigments even after drying. It provides the subtlety, transparency and flow of a great watercolor, with colors that have as much vibrancy and fire as the best acrylic or oil paint.

09609-Group-3ww-lFluid Watercolor Paper

Presenter: Doug Mooney

With the sky-rocketing price of cotton-based papers such as watercolor paper, we have adopted a newer paper line that offers quality and a reasonable price for watercolor artists. Crafted in small batches at slow speeds in a European paper mill, Fluid watercolor papers possess the strength and working integrity of more expensive mouldmade papers. Glued on the two long edges, the Fluid Easy-Block allows artists to paint right on the block without wetting or stretching the paper. The paper is easily separated by sliding a dull knife or letter opener in the open side under the top sheet when the painting is complete. We hope you will stop by and try these wonderful papers.

imagesTombow Dual Brush Pens

Presenter: Scott Stevenson

Scott Stevenson will be here to demonstrate the Tombow Dual Brush Pens. They have a flexible brush tip and a fine-point, hard nylon tip which both feed from the same ink reservoir ensuring exact color match. The ink is a odorless, water-based ink that blends to create any color desired. With the flexible nylon fiber brush tip, you can achieve fine, medium, or bold brush strokes simply by changing the pressure on the point. The resilient tip springs back to hold its shape, stroke after stroke. With the hard nylon tip, you can create consistent lines, tight drawings, borders, copy markings, fine lettering,and the tips can be dipped in water to create subtle color washes.

maxresdefaultIronlak Spray Paint

Presenter: Carl Steffan

Ironlak has been developed with the artist’s needs in mind and was designed to offer the best coverage, alongside great control and a vibrant colour range of over 90 colours. Whilst primary attention was focused on producing a top quality line of paint, it was important that Ironlak products remained affordable for writers. Ironlak performs extremely well in a variety of different climates, both hot and cold. Come by and watch the artist at work and get your hands involved and try it yourself!

autumn-reflections-400x800-72Unison Soft Pastels

Presenter: Jan Thomas

Join our local instructor Jan Thomas for this fun and enlightening tabletop demonstration all about Unison Pastels. Unison is well known for their labor intensive, hand made pastels where they carefully mix each batch of pigment with the binder, spooned out in equal proportions, and hand rolled into the product that pastel artists are familiar with using. The people working at Unison firmly believe that by going about pastel production this way, it creates a unique texture that delivers a consistency of response across the colour spectrum that is unmatched... and frankly, we agree!

Stillman & Birnsketch

Presenter: Michael Kalman and Jorge Santiago

Over the past few years, Stillman & Birn sketchbooks have increased steadily in popularity among graphic and sketch artists. This year we are celebrating our 48th anniversary with the introduction of the Stillman & Birn Soft cover sketch books. Jorge will be demonstrating the versatile nature of these sketchbooks and all of the different medias that each one of the lines can support.

large-fredrix pro seriesFredrix Canvas

Presenter: Jim Pluth

All Fredrix Canvas is mounted to kiln dried tongue and groove stretcher bars for a firm foundation. Fredrix pre-stretched canvas is machine primed under careful scrutiny to provide artist with the most consistent painting surfaces. Peter will be showing off the many pros to working on the Fredrix PRO Series. This 12oz Dixie cotton canvases are the perfect surface for all your oil, acrylic, and alkyd masterpieces!

DaVinci BrushDaVinci

Presenter: Nancy Willis

With long-standing experience and competence in the manufacture of artist brushes, based on the rich treasure of experience the brush factories in Nuremberg have had for many generations. This special know-how has been cultivated and further developed in our factory since the end of the 19th century. Skilled craftsmen guarantee carefully shaped products and many busy hands look after the perfect finish of all DaVinci brushes.  

Marabu MarbleMarabu

Presenter: Ken Cavanaugh

Marabu Easy Marble Paint is perfect for marbling on a variety of materials such as glass, plastic, wood or polystyrene as well as paper, silk and many fabrics. Ken will be here to show off these wonderful products that are brand new to us! He will be leading a fun hands-on activity where you can marble your very own paper-mâché shape and take it home with you!  

1303_ACRYLIC_Fluo_01a3Montana Sprays

Presenter: TBA

Pepin Artists' Colouring books are all printed with exceptional designs and fashions from around the world. Each book contains sixteen sheets of superior drawing paper, all acid free. The styles and designs included in the colouring books are printed with very light lines to act as an easy guide that lets your art show through. Mary will be here on behalf of Pepin Press to show off these beautiful coloring books alongside some of the lovely products from Caran d'ache. You will be able to get involved and color your very own post card!

Judges_Special_Recognition-1024x681Ceracolor & Artefex

Presenter: George and Anton O'Hanlon

Date: June 25th

Presentation Time: 9:30-10:30

Join George and Anton O'Hanlon as they introduce you to some of the more unique supplies on the market. Ceracolors is water-soluble wax paint that can be used for encaustic and wax painting techniques. Ceracolors makes encaustic painting versatile because heat, electricity and special tools are not required. The water-soluble wax paint provides a wide range of painting techniques from thick impastos to watercolor-like washes. They are fast-drying colors suitable for all supports used for encaustic painting, and paper supports when painting in thin washes. Ceracolors do not require any special tools and heated instruments, making them easier to use and clean up compared to encaustic paint. Use any brush suitable for water-based paint. Once dry, Ceracolors can be used in encaustic technique, allowing further manipulation of the paint. The ingredients in Ceracolors are found in food and cosmetics so they are not considered to be toxic. Artefex ACM Panels are lightweight but rigid and durable aluminum composite material that consists of two strong sheets of aluminum bonded to a solid polyethylene core. The panel is prepared with canvas mounted on one-side and a mill (polished aluminum) finish on the other side. These panels offer a reliable, rigid and archival surface to paint on. Read more

pigment markersWinsor & Newton Pigment Based Markers

Presenter: Steve Gallisdorfer

Date: June 25th

Presentation Time: 11:00-12:00

Steve Gallisdorfer will be presenting this fantastic reserved seat demonstration on the new line of Winsor & Newton Pigment based markers. Winsor &Newton has taken the marker pen and re-written the rules. Introducing the new Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker – a pen so revolutionary it will change the way you work forever. Using only the highest grade, lightfast, fine art pigments, there are over 100 beautiful colours to choose from. There's also a unique White Blender that places a limitless palette of tones and hues at your fingertips. This is no ordinary marker. This is creativity without limits. Winsor & Newton has also introduced the first-ever White Blender, specifically designed for the Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker system. Using white titanium dioxide pigments, this remarkable new pen lets you build, blend and soften colours like never before. Mix tones fluidly and intuitively, creating myriad colours and subtle effects – even on black paper. The possibilities are limitless. Read more

AlcoholInkBackgrounds copyJacquard Piñata Inks

Presenter: Alex Preston

Date: June 25th

Presentation Time:12:30-1:30

Join Alex Preston from Jacquard for this presentation on the Piñata Inks! Piñata Colors are highly saturated, fast-drying alcohol inks for any hard surface, including glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, leather, polymer clay and more. Indelible and impervious to water once dry, Piñata Colors clean up with alcohol and re-wet themselves, allowing for unique effects and techniques not easily achieved with water-based systems. As a dye-based, highly transparent ink, Piñata Colors are unparalleled for vibrancy, and only the most lightfast dyes have been selected for the palette. Acid-free with excellent adhesive properties, Piñata Colors have become the go-to inks for any non-porous surface.   Read more

Liquitex Intermixability intermix

Presenter: Steve Gallisdorfer

Date: June 25th

Presentation Time: 2:00-3:00

Join Steve Gallisdorfer for this mind and rule bending demonstration that will encourrage you to experiment with mixed media, confident in the knowledge that Liquitex Professional Acrylic products have been developed with maximum compatibility and versatility in mind. Featuring colors that match across the ranges, you can fearlessly layer tube color, spray paint, markers, and ink, or work wet-into-wet for limitless effects. Read more

fluidsGolden Acrylics

Presenter: Tesia Blackburn

Date: June 25th

Presentation Time: 3:30-4:30

Join Tesia Blackburn, the Acrylic Diva, for this fun and insightful look into the vast world of Golden Acrylic Paints! She will be discussing the huge variety of paints, mediums, methods and applications to create beautiful, expressive and most of all colorful artwork! Tesia will cover everything from the Heavy body paints to the high-flow and conversion kits to use the high flow pigments in a paint marker for added control! Read more

Sennelier Pastelscamile

Presenter: Camile LaPointe Lyons

Date: June 26th

Presentation Time: 11:30-1:00

Camile will introduce you to Sennelier's pastel lines. The Sennelier pastels are a product that makes use of the components used in all Sennelier colors — top-quality pigments, an extremely pure synthetic binding medium, and mineral wax. The pigments are ground with an inert, non-siccative binding medium that does not oxidize and that has no effect upon either the film stability or the surface. We invite you to join one of our favorite local artists for this highly informative demonstration with Camile LaPointe Lyons. We hope to see you there! Read more

Sennelier-oil-paintsSennelier Oil Paints

Presenter: Camile LaPointe Lyons

Date: June 26th

Presentation Time: 1:30-3:00

Join Camile for this wonderfully informative reserved seat demonstration on Sunday, June 27th that will give you all of the information you need to know about working with these superb oils. Camile will discuss the differences between Sennelier's Artist Grade Oil and others on the market and how to achieve certain effects when using them, and how to use a few tricks to perfect your work while using them. Read more

coloring pageColoring Station

This one is for all of you coloring book fanatics! When the show gets a little overwhelming, grab a bottle of water and have a seat at our coloring station. Prismacolor, Sharpie, Tombow, Pepin, Caran d'ache and Fredrix canvas will all be working together to stretch the imagination by showing a wide variety of ways to mix up your coloring experience. 3888-001-1 By using a variety of media you will be able to relax a little at the vendor fair and turn coloring pages into works of art. So stop by, take a seat and color a bit!

muralSpray Paint Walls

If you are heading over to the spray artists, don't forget to get in on the action at our spray walls! Jared Powell and Carl Steffan will be working on their own pieces showing off what each of the paint lines can do! In addition to working on their own pieces, they will be talking to passers by about the paints and the fun qualities of eaPowell muralch line. You will be encouraged to get in on the action and try the paints yourself! You will be able to pick a variety of the sprays and paint markers to play with. You will see very quickly how fun it is to apply color without a brush which will give you the freedom of the sprays, as well as the control for finer work with the paint pens!

superplexKid's at Heart Area

This area is fun for both little kids and big kids! You will definitely run across three dimensional brain teasing puzzles, coloring outside of the lines, fun ways to make a creative and beautiful mess as well as a place where you can walk in as yourself and leave as someone... or something entirely different! You will love the interactive fun of this area in addition to all of thecolor-me-cutie-face-painting-and-body-art-21829276 great products that our artists will be showing... and the best part... there isn't a height or age limit to play!  

Croques and Toques5026484_orig

Croques & Toques Food Truck is the newest addition to the Sonoma County Food Truck scene specializing in all different kinds of delicious croquettes. Every culture across the globe has a variation of a croquette. Croquettes are a universal food, savory (and sometimes sweet) and most of all, satisfying. These savory bites are hearty and can be sold at a price point that is accessible to all. Each croquette is hand made, one by one, using the finest local ingredients. Chef Andrew creates exciting sauces and dips that make a serving of croquettes fully delicious! He sees croquettes as a blank canvas where he has the freedom to develop and create a variety of croquette flavors using endless possibilities of fresh local ingredients.

featured-blondieKiller Baking Company

Looking for something sweet to finish off your trip to our anniversary event? Look no further than locally owned and operated Killer Baking Company! They will be here selling their variety of delicious brownies to end your day on a sweet note!


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